During trainings carried out Apac and Dokolo Districts, ACFODE identified, oriented and facilitated 30 (20 from Apac and 10 from Dokolo) model couples. The training was aimed at building participants’ capacities on issues of gender responsive social cultural practices and commissioning them as agents of change. Among these were local social cultural leaders, LC1 Chairpersons, police officers, teachers and male role models.

This was made possible through the project; “strengthening institutions both formal and informal to promote positive social cultural practices in the districts of Apac and Dokolo” which ACFODE is implementing with the support from WE EFFECT. The target group formally exhibited negative social-cultural practices within their communities among these; wife beating and swapping, widow inheritance, forced marriages, and denying their daughters a chance to attain an education.


A group picture of some of the model couples

Through the discussions held during the trainings, couples expressed gratitude for being identified to be part of the teaching. “I am impressed by the idea of bringing couples together to discuss issues of gender equality and more especially the negative social cultural practices” observed Felix Yine from Apac. A model couple from Dokolo also had this to say:  “This is a very nice opportunity for us; we really want our home to change and become a model family.”  

While reflecting on the tutorials that were shared during the trainings, the participants observed that their different communities and cultures had imposed on them a lot of practices some of which were negative. However, ACFODE, through this intervention was changing their attitudes, especially towards women’s rights and empowerment.

At some point in the trainings, men were urged to come together and work hand in hand with their wives so as to experience peace, love and unity in their families. Parents were equally encouraged to bring up their children in a respectful and responsible way.

Andrew Ssekirevu

Programs Assistant

Gender and Economic Policy Department

ACFODE Commissions Model Couples in the Lango Sub Region to Promote Positive Social Cultural Practices

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