For the last three years, ACFODE in partnership with Diakonia Uganda has been implementing a project titled; Promoting Good Governance and Gender Accountability at local Government Level in Uganda. This project was implemented in the Lango sub-region particularly the three districts of Kole, Apac and Oyam. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the enhancement of democratic governance and gender accountability at local level in Uganda.

As the project came to its closure, ACFODE organized an exit and planning meeting with the project beneficiaries including the Elected Leaders and District Technical Personnel (Duty Bearers), community members, civil society actors and the project team. The purpose of the meeting was to collate the successes, lessons learned, challenges, and recommendations for future interventions, foster new and improved relationships and share good practices within the partnership.

Civil Society Actor from Oyam District presents the Districts' views on Project Sustainability

Civil Society Actor from Oyam District presents the Districts’ views on Project Sustainability

A number of activities including regional meetings bringing together district leaders from the three districts provided a good platform for exchange of views and those who participated indicated that the interactions helped them to challenge each other and to act urgently to address gender and accountability issues in their respective districts. Women councilors are now more confident and deliberate comfortably in the council. The increased confidence and improved performance of women councilors is acknowledged by the district leadership both political and technical.

All the three project districts have passed ordinances related to increased gender responsiveness. Kole and Oyam districts passed education ordinances related to promotion of girl-child education. Oyam district passed an ordinance related to promotion of maternal health and one of the sub-counties in Oyam passed a by-law on reducing the consumption of alcohol.

In Apac district a by-law on promoting Health and Sanitation as a right to citizens has been passed by the district council and awaiting for the approval from the solicitor. There is also intensification of campaigns against domestic and sexualized gender violence within the three project districts.

Speaking at the Exit Meeting, the Executive Director, Ms Regina Bafaki thanked everyone for their time and participation and the districts for embracing and fully participating in the project. She acknowledged that a lot of work still needed to be done in the struggle for good governance and gender accountability and the strategies for sustainability discussed during this meeting would be considered. She concluded by urging participants to vote for people who will deliver but not for ‘wolokoso’. “We should not sell our votes for a sacket of waragi, packet of salt or for 500 shillings.” she said.

ACFODE Executive Director, Ms. Regina Bafaki addresses the participants

ACFODE Executive Director, Ms. Regina Bafaki addresses the participants at the exit meeting

Compiled by

Kyomuhendo Belinda

Program Assistant

Human rights & Governance Department

Measuring Project Outcomes: Promoting Good Governance and Gender Accountability Project Comes to an End

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