Felix Arum lives in Apac district, Northern Uganda. He is the coordinator of a local community based organization in his community known as CADOVIC – Campaign against Domestic Violence in the Community, and is an activist against Gender Based Violence (GBV).

Felix shared his story on the situation of GBV in his community with the ACFODE team that carried out an evaluation of the project titled “Empowering citizens and strengthening Local Councils to promote violence free communities in Apac district”. The project was implemented with the support of Medica Mondiale in the two sub counties of Akokoro and Ibuje. The main aim of the project was to promote domestic violence free families and communities in Apac district. The project also contributed to the empowerment of social actors and local councils to build their capacity in promoting violence free families.


Felix in his office in Apac District

He narrates that:

CADOVIC has been working in Apac since 2001. The work in the communities has not been easy especially looking at the fact that it is geared towards the eradication of domestic violence in the communities. That is why as an organization we have been working through partnerships with the different organizations.Since we started partnering with ACFODE in 2011 a lot of great work has been achieved in regards to the prevention of Domestic Violence (DV) in the district.

ACFODE built the capacity of our staff through the various trainings that were conducted both at the district and sub county level. All our staff at the organization were oriented on GBV issues and how to respond and advocate for the provision of services and implementation of laws especially the Domestic Violence Act (DVA) 2010. At CADOVIC, everyone was so excited to partner with an organization that was greatly behind tthe passing of the DVA bill. This made us feel valued and also gave us a chance to participate in the implementation process of the law.

In 2012, ACFODE opened an office in Apac. This was the opportunity we got as an organization to refer and advocate for the implementation of the DVA Act. There were a lot of interventions geared towards the eradication of domestic violence in the communities. 4 of our staff were oriented and trained on GBV issues. We also participated in community meetings, radio talk shows and stakeholder review meetings. As an organization we gained a lot as the years went by and the partnership strengthened.

We feel overjoyed that the partnership has been a great success since it has raised awareness on the domestic violence within the communities. There has also been an increase in the reporting of domestic violence cases as a result of the strengthened referral systems among different service providers such as the Apac District Coordination Committee that reviews cases reported to the relevant authorities, the Local Council 1 Executive Committees, and other different social actors. Our partnership with ACFODE made this dream a reality!

Andrew Ssekirevu

Programme Assistant

Gender and Economic Policy Department


Building Synergies in the Prevention of Gender Based Violence In Apac District

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