‘My name is Willy Cong; I am 56 years old, a clan leader in Apac town. In 2014, I was sensitisedby ACFODE regarding the different socio-cultural practices in the Lango sub-region. Through the training I realisedthat women are not culturally allowed to inherit and own customary land. As a result many widows have been victims of land grabbing at the hands of their in-laws. My capacity was in addition built to promote gender-responsive socio-cultural practices in the communities.

‘With the knowledge and skills acquired from the training I conducted a community awareness meeting on women’s land rights, in Ibuje sub-county. As a result of the meeting, many widows who had encounteredthe challenges of land grabbing were prompted to report their cases to me. During the training we were taught about the different actors working on women’s land rights in Apac, so I referred the women to the Uganda Land Alliance and 23 of them have received certificates of customary land ownership. The women have also testified that they are now cultivating their land without fear of it being grabbed.

‘I attribute this success to ACFODE training that built my capacity to promote gender-responsive socio-cultural practices in the communities.’


MrWilly Cong

Clan leaders support women’s access to, ownership and control of customary land

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