‘I lost my husband in August 2011. After his death, my in-laws chased me and my five children out of the house claiming I was responsible for their son’s death. I reported my case to the clan leaders and chairperson LCI of our village but I did not get any help. This left me very frustrated. One evening I tuned into Radio Divine (90.6FM) and listened to an ACFODE programme with discussions on the rights of widows to inherit and own property from their late husbands. The panellistson the talk show included the ACFODE field officer, the Community Liaison Officer (CLO)- Apac Central Police Station, the Gender Focal Officer and 1 cultural leader. The talk show inspired me to report my case to the Police CLO, Mr Domonic Otieno.

The CLO summoned my in-laws who, after several discussions, apologised to me and accepted to return my late husband’s land and house. Iand my children are now happy and fully utilising the land for cultivation.’


Ms Mary Apio, who reclaimed her late husband’s house and land

Educating the masses through radio talk shows

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