‘My name is John Awita from Alela village in Akuru, Lango parish, Kangai sub-county, in Dokolo district. I am married with five children. I got to know ACFODE on August 2014 when I was invited to train at Dokolo district headquarters. The invitation excited me because I had never been invited to any workshop together with my wife. The workshop was so powerful because couples from the two sub-counties (Bata and Kangai) were involved.

‘The training empowered us on how to promote positive socio-cultural practices and prevent gender-based violence. Topics such as sharing gender roles, planning and developing a family work plan were discussed. Immediately after the training, I discussed with my wife and we developed a budget for our home. This was something we had never thought about before; I always assumed that my wife had no idea how to contribute towards the family progress, but only to take care of the children. However, when I began involving my wife and loving her, I realised that she was an intelligent and encouraging person.

‘Most importantly, we began to save money together, from the small business we have.  By March 2015, we had saved up to 700,000 shillings. My wife advised me to buy a bull with this money to improve our farming and production of high quality yields, in order to earn us more money, with which we plan on constructing a house.

‘Special thanks to ACFODE for such a brilliant idea of training couples as a way of reducing gender-based violence in a home. I actually did not know I would live to love my wife and plan with her. We are now very happy.’


john-harriet-1 john-harriet-2

John and Harriet Awita pose for a photo with their bull (left) and garden (right)

How joint financial planning has improved the standard of living in my family

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