On Friday 11th March 2016, a new project was launched by ACFODE in partnership with EIRENE and with funding from BMZ in Kisoro at the district headquaters. The three year project under the theme “Promoting positive socio-cultural practices in the rural communities of Kisoro” shall be implemented in four sub counties of Busanza, Kirundo, Nyakabande and Nyarusiza.

In her opening remarks, the representative of the chief administrative officer, Ms Rita Byiringiro, welcomed ACFODE back to the district and thanked her for the continued support to the district. The same remarks were re-echoed by the RDC, Mr. Shafiq Sekandi Sengooba. “In Uganda, Chains are being broken and Women are now being seen driving, Speaking out in Public, having Women Representatives in Parliament which is not being seen in other Countries like Arabia” Mr. Sekandi Shafiq.

The ACFODE board member present at the launch, Dr. Sidonia Angom thanked the district administration for the reception the district had always accorded to ACFODE and the support to implement projects within the district. She called upon the district to continue being faithful in what she referred to as a ‘marriage relationship’ since the relationship has been ongoing for the past 15 years.


Dr. Sidonia Angom addressing Participants during the project

A presentation was equally made by the field officer on the positive and harmful social-cultural practices. He pointed out the reasons why harmful practices prevailed, who was responsible for their existence, how harmful practices can be eliminated and how the positive practices can be promoted.

He also presented the supplements from the stakeholders who validated the findings of the assessment. It was from this presentation that a lot of issues were raised regarding the harmful socio- cultural practices in Kisoro’s rural communities which need to be eliminated. These among others included; alcohol ab

ACFODE Launches New Project on Promoting Positive Socio-Cultural Practices in Kisoro