Hon. Akullu Mary is the newly elected LCV female councilor for Aduku Town Council. She shared her experience on how she was elected and later lost 2011 due to her own mistakes and what she has learned since then.

“I was elected as LCV female councilor for Nambieso Sub-county to Apac district local council in 2006. Nambieso is the sub-county where I was born but unfortunately I was married in Aduku Town Council, it therefore became very difficult for me to visit my electorates frequently and inform them about government development programmes. I would go to Nambieso sub-county once in a while which was never comfortable with the local community members of the sub-county.

Therefore, in 2011 I went back to seek for re-elections, but they assured me that, they are not ready to vote for a visiting councilor and eventually I lost miserably. After I was voted out, I realized my mistake. I was very unfair to my electorates in Nambieso sub-county because I was not close to them and besides I was not coordinating any development programme at the sub-county.

Akullu Mary

Honourable Akullu Mary, LCV Female Councilor, Aduku Town Council sharing her leadership experience during the women leaders training in Apac District

As such in 2016 election, I decided to contest for LCV female councilor of Aduku town council where I was married and where I could stay closer to my voters. At the beginning of the campaign process, the task was not an easy one but luck fell on my way when I was invited by ACFODE for the training of women who are aspiring for political positions.

I was trained by ACFODE and knew what to do during campaign. This is why I was successful.  I learnt the skills on how to develop a sellable manifesto, good public speaking and above all I was able to manage my time properly. All these techniques were not known to my opponents, I thanked ACFODE very much for training me.

Therefore, with the skills acquired from this capacity enhancement session for newly elected women leaders, I look forward to effectively representing the interest of my electorates in council and to coordinate the development programmes for the next five years.

The Women Leaders Training by ACFODE Helped me Attain Leadership Skills

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