A group photo of participants demonstrating team work building  during the session

Mentoring Session is a mentorship interactive talk organized by Action for Development (ACFODE). It’s a youth led peer group bringing together University students and young workers between the ages of 15 – 35 years old in Uganda to share their experiences such that they can learn from each other

The purpose of the training is to focus on building and inspiring young people economic and social abilities for career path development and prosperity, to build and inspire young people especially young women to unleash their potential and decide on the career paths they want to take by exploring available opportunities within their communities.

The talk took place on 14th May 2016 at ACFODE House and was graced by some board members of ACFODE, Mr. Makumbi Richard, Ms. Gladys Nairuba, Ms. Kwikiriza Pamela and Ms. Juliana Asaba. The training attracted participants from different sectors across the country and these include, University students, ACFODE, CEDOVIP, SOFOYE, and Dan Church Aid. Participants shared their hopes, expectations and fears during the training.  The expectations participants shared include, to Learn new ideas on being a successful person in life, regaining hopes, success, ideas on how to socialize with others, to become better people, to become good public speakers, networking. Participants also shared their fears and they include; transport refund, to be rejected in society, inadequate time to fully discuss the ideas to depth.

Participants also shared the work plan for the training; bring role models to share their stories, human Resource engagements for example how to apply for jobs, apprenticeship/internship/placements, work place orientation (Proposal writing/concept note), networking/building contacts, mentee to mentor, public speaking, Mr. Makumbi Richard, ACFODE board member helped participants to vision their 10years from now! and shared few quotes from Henry Fond and were told to reflect on them and learn some  lessons.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success”

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are all right”.

The participants appreciated management of ACFODE for organizing the mentorship sessions and promised to continue engaging with organization. Participants proposed that trainings should be held monthly.



Juliana Asaba

Administrative Assistant





ACFODE Holds a Mentorship Session

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