Attitudes and practices, both positive and negative are shaped as children grow up. It is for this reason that ACFODE with support from Diakonia implemented the project titled “Strengthening Community Participation in Local Governance and Promotion of Women and Girls’ Rights in Lango Sub-region particularly the districts of Amolator and Oyam. One of the activities under this intervention is engaging with boys and senior male teachers both in primary and secondary schools on the importance of fair treatment for both girls and boys and gender equality.

Oyam Male Gender Champions from both Primary and Secondary schools
Oyam Male Gender Champions from both Primary and Secondary schools

A total of 100(71male, 29 female) students/pupils from both primary and secondary schools participated in a one day training.  The training aimed at imparting skills and knowledge on the rights of the child with learning on the rights of the girl child, signs and responses to Gender Based Violence within a school setting and in their families. While female students/pupils were part of this activity, boys will be at the fore front of the initiatives geared towards increasing responsiveness towards fair treatment of girls. The training was focused on understanding of gender and girl’s rights, Gender based violence and steps taken in case of violations.

“I thank ACFODE for this training, I have never heard of girls’ rights and steps in addressing the girls’ violations, I now understand clearly my rights as a girl and the importance of keeping in school.” Awor Leah Head girl Amwa Demonstration primary school.

Students of Aporocero, and Amwa Dem P/s share ideas during group work
Students of Aporocero, and Amwa Dem P/s share ideas during group work

In Amolator district, Abonyo Nancy a head girl from Arwotcek Seed S.S testified how parents give more roles and responsibilities to girls than boys. “My brothers refuse to cook and fetch firewood, saying that it is our role as girls. From this training I have learnt that both girls and boys can share responsibilities both at school and home.”

In Oyam district, senior male teachers appreciated the engagement with young generation in promoting gender equality and girls’ rights. They called upon the participants to appreciate the roles and responsibilities played by both girls and women, urging boys to join hands in combating violations against girl child in and out of school.

In all the districts, 24 Gender Equality Clubs were formed. The different clubs developed work plans stipulating the different activities aiming at promoting and protecting girls’ rights. Some of the activities included inter-school debate competitions, Music and Drama shows and Essay competitions.

Participants together with their teachers pledged support towards achieving a non-violence free society.


Happy Ainomugisha

Boys as Champions for Gender Equality.

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