ACFODE under the project  “Action for Strengthening Institutions and Communities in Promoting Women’s Rights”  with support from BC/EU, Acfode formed CEDAW Committees and social enterprise groups. These groups still remain active in the sub counties of Iceme, Myene and Oyam Town Council where the project was being implemented.

The CEDAW Committees are able to identify community problems and therefore able to show to the community that improved service delivery is a collective responsibility. The communities in Oyam Town Council have learnt that it is not only the government to help them address their problems; but they equally have a role to play.

The road worked upon by the CEDAW Committees in Oyam Town Council.
The road worked upon by the CEDAW Committees in Oyam Town Council.

A case of a road leading to Anyeke Health Council  IV which for several times the community had been complaining  about where a woman who had carried a baby fell in the dirty water as she rushed her baby to the health centre. Also it has been a very big challenge for the ambulance rushing the mothers for delivery to the health centre. Currently the road has been worked on through contribution by the CEDAW Committees in terms of paying for gravel, transport and offering manual labour to repair the road.

ACFODE Forms Cedaw Committees and Social Enterprise Groups.

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