Engaging with Social Actors and Couples who are held in high esteem in their communities has proved to be effective and a good strategy that ACFODE has used in Kisoro District to eliminate the negative socio cultural practices in the four sub counties of Nyakabande, Busanza, Nyarusiza and Kirundo.

A participant sharing at the meeting
A participant explaining her view during the meeting

ACFODE organized a review meeting at Sub county and District level. This was held in Busanza, Nyarusiza, Kirundo and Nyakande on the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 20th March 2017 respectively at sub county level and at district level on the 21st March 2017. A different approach was used in this meeting where we engaged both the social actors and Model Couples under the same platform to share experience and ideas among themselves. A total number of 134(86 males & 48 females) participated in the review meeting at Sub County level while 25 participants (16females &9 males) participated in the review meeting at District level in Kisoro District.

The meeting aimed at assessing the status of the action plans in relation to promoting the positive change in the Communities and to identify further needs for trainings and capacity building. These also enabled and encouraged the project beneficiaries and stakeholders to recognize each other and hence work together towards the realization of the project goal.

“The Sub County leadership plans to introduce a Village Education Task Force which will be headed by the Clan leaders since they are highly obeyed and listened to by the Community members “, noted the LC111 Chairperson Nyakabande Sub County. This will aim at combating School drops in the rural communities.

A participant sharing his concern during the meeting
A participant sharing his concern during the meeting

The meeting also drew attention to ACFODE mode of project implementation and recommendations for better trainings to the Project beneficiaries. “We request ACFODE Staff to always take part in the meetings held at community levels since we always use such platforms to sensitize people about the negative and therefore ACFODE presence adds more value to the sensitization of the Community members”, stated one of the participants.

Among other issues recommended was the need for exchange visits among the project beneficiaries in the different sub counties to appreciate and learn from each other on the different tactics they have used to eliminate the negative socio cultural practices in their communities.

“There is need for joint working to combat the prevalent negative socio cultural practices in Kisoro District”, noted the Probation Officer during the Review meeting at District level.

The new approach of meeting both the Stakeholders and Project beneficiaries under the same platform strengthened their collaboration and appreciated each other’s role in the elimination of the negative socio cultural practices in the rural communities of Kisoro District.

Compiled by Nakanwagi Faith Eva

Programmes Assistant

Gender & Economic Policy Department


Developing Local Capacity for the Promotion of Women’s Rights

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