A duo of ACFODE staff, Rebecca Rukundo and Sandra Nassali, attended a leadership for change (LFC) training a fortnight ago at Uganda Cooperative College Kigumba. The college is located in Masindi District –Bunyoro region.

They were imparted with a number of life nurturing skills including but not limited to practical skills in planning, leadership presence, business enterprise, and also guided in articulating their visions more effectively, and creating healthier and more stable organizations. All this knowledge they replicated to the rest of the staff.

“We were impressed with the training and we hope you feel the same,” said Rebecca, as she excitedly ushered us into the training.

rebecca during her session

 Rebecca introduces the agenda of the day to the team.

The LFC training is divided into four arenas; Visionary Leadership and Strategic Planning, Personal Growth, Entrepreneurship Development, and Managing Change.

On this particular day we were treated to visionary leadership and some of the objectives were; to enhance career growth among ACFODE staff, to promote and revive leadership skills and to encourage growth and sustainability of teamwork among members.

It was more of a sharing forum away from the traditional one sided lecturers. A lot of participation was involved as well as group work. Particularly we were challenged to apply the PMI tool (Plus, Minus and Interesting). This is an assessment tool that challenges an individual to view various aspects of life in that manner (PMI).

For instance in two groups of four, we were tasked to discuss a law, “All cars should be painted white” (assuming government passed it). Thinking about it one realizes that this law has advantages (Plus) like uniformity, disadvantages (Minus) robberies would go unidentified as well as the Interesting (beauty) bit of it.

We learnt that PMI encourages creativity, it brings about problem solving, it also triggers one into critical thinking. And above all it leads to efficiency and effectiveness through teamwork.

Grp 2 sharing ideas on PMI

Belinda jots down points articulated by members of Group 2

When defining a leader, Sandra, one of the facilitators took us back in time when she talked of “kwepena” (An African yard game which is proposed to feature in the Olympics) this invited applause, chuckles and smiles from the team who really related well with the hobby.

Sandra taking the team through leadership

Sandra takes the team through leadership and qualities of a good leader.

“Without capacity to influence you cannot lead, one ought to aspire to be a good leader and the leadership should not be called for,” Sandra added.

There was a lot of encouragement on sharing irrespective whether one thought the answer was right or wrong. Eventually we were tasked to fill in a power and influence questionnaire which would then reveal what kind of leaders we are. The discoveries were amazing some members were categorized under expert, referent, and reward leaders among others.

However Happy Ainomugisha, one of the participants was concerned when she said, “I feel there are some character features which are close to each other.” To which the facilitators replied that despite cross cutting features there is always one that stands out for each individual.

Bridget Aguti presents on behalf of her group

Bridget makes a presentation on behalf of Group 1

Owing to the fact that it was very interactive and educative, the training indeed proved that engagement is power that unleashes an organization’s potential.

The staff in attendance were very grateful about the afternoon, “We are highly indebted to our facilitators and look forward to a very insightful, knowledge imparting and interactive experience like this one next one time,” said Theresa Sabano, one of the participants.

We crowned it all up with bites and energizers. Many thanks to Sandra, Rebecca and ACFODE as whole.

Energizer by Happy

Time for a breather; ACFODE team gets an energizer.

Compiled by ;

Olive Nazziwa

Public Relations &Communications Department

Action For Development




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