At some point in life, majority of us have been in a situation where you feel there is need to talk to somebody, not just any ordinary person but one who can listen as well as put themselves in your shoes, one who will keep your talk to themselves and help you deal with your troubles.

This therapy that usually leaves one feeling better and probably lighter is called counseling. It is one of the important services Action for Development (ACFODE) has offered, in the second quarter of this year.  At ACFODE Kisoro Field Office, a number of counseling outreaches have been carried out; many survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) have managed to fulfill their ambitions because of the psycho social support offered to them.

ACFODE is operating in the four sub counties of Kirundo, Nyarusiza, Nyakabande and Busanza sub counties however psycho social and counseling services are open to everyone in the whole district. Under this activity, the counselor works hand in hand with the women’s clinic at Kisoro Referral Hospital, probation office, Child and Family Protection Unit (CFPU), Kisoro police station, schools in the sub counties of operation and community legal aid clinics in order to support survivors of GBV /Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) to live a positive life as well as finding justice.

In this quarter, five clients (1 Male & 4 Females) were attended to from the ACFODE field office and these included 3 cases on Domestic Violence, 1 on Family Neglect and 1 on denial of Conjugal rights. One case on Domestic violence was referred to the Probation officer for further support while the other 4 cases the counselor is still offering psycho social support to the survivors.

Counseling services at the field office are recognized, utilized and appreciated by the community members. This is evidenced through feedback on radio talk shows as well as good collaboration with other related offices.


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Jackline Nyiransenga

Counselor, ACFODE Kisoro field office

Counseling outreaches in Kisoro district.
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