On the 5th of June, I made my way to Action of Development (ACFODE) located at ACFODE house, Bukoto. It was a great feeling having found placement in an indigenous voluntary Non –Governmental women’s Organization- something I had been praying for in a while. The warm reception given to us; my colleagues and I, is worth noting. I am greatly humbled for the internship research skills and knowledge I gained from the various assignments I was given.

For example; by reviewing the statistical report about the different forms of gender inequality and violence against women, I got acquainted with the statistics of adolescents aged 15-19 years in Uganda who begun child bearing at a tender age, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF 2015) and 21.9% of women in Uganda have ever experienced sexual violence (Uganda Demographic Health survey 2016). These kind of findings compelled me to read more widely about gender and gender related issues.

In the ACFODE boardroom is a mural which I got really interested in. I was able to think hard; by looking at it I could see various gender issues like male dominancy, domestic violence, polygamy, a woman’s daily work load, how men and women are closed up by the gender roles, patriarchy among others.mural

Picture of the mural

Eventually on the other side of the mural, I discovered that women had begun participating in politics, men taking part in the nurturing of children, equal income and education between men and women.  As I was going through the gender issues and accomplishment, I saw the evolution of gender from the past to the present which was very interesting. In the mural one could tell the shift in gender roles.

During my time, I also met with Ms. Hugo Vanessa who told us what the organization does that is to say; promoting women’s participation in politics and leadership, women’s economic empowerment, advocating for women’s rights, championing campaigns against domestic violence and many more.

Usually, at ACFODE, there are in house trainings, and we had a Leadership training that helped me raise my confidence given the participatory methods the facilitators engaged us in for instance giving us various stories like the sheep by association where we were tasked to read the stories and share what were had learnt from them.

Bridget Aguti presents on behalf of her group

I made a presentation on behalf of my group

This session was facilitated by Sandra Nassali (Public Relations & Communications Specialist) and the second session was facilitated by Rebecca Rukundo (Programs Assistant Gender & Economic Policy Department). In the second session which was interesting we had eight views of leadership and through this one could tell what kind of leader they were. I discovered the leadership skills in me and I look forward to exhibiting them once offered opportunity.

Above all, I will always carry with me the knowledge I obtained while at ACFODE.

Energizer by Happy

During the LFC training, time for a breather


Bridget Claura Aguti

Mbarara University of Science & Technology (MUST)

Intern 2017

Gender & Economic Policy Department


My learning and sharing experience at ACFODE
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