Dear readers,

Welcome to this edition of The ACFODE Newsletter. I must confess that the journey of writing and compiling this edition was not a one man’s or woman’s work. It took sessions of various consultations and long days’ work and all I can say is, ‘Asante Sana’ team.

The topics herein are not new to you read; yet, I am convinced that you will like the slant and fashion in which the team has tailored them.

In this edition, we explore issues ranging from who we are at work, jokes, intern experiences, press as well as our work in areas of governance, advocacy, and human rights. Our letter is packaged in exceptionally new fascinating forms to give you a spanking new start into October. We have introduced up-to-the-minute exciting beats like the ‘staff corner ‘and a “flowers&frowns” feature.

We hope that the spice of staff news and press bytes respectively will immensely interest you.

Thank you for conjoining with the newsletter band and for contributing to our newsfeed.

Enjoy the read.


Sherinah Namata

Public Relations Department


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