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This journey all started when I read the articles Action for Development (ACFODE) team publishes through a series of materials the organization compiles every year. I picked interest in joining and working with ACFODE. Luckily enough my internship was also round the corner, I applied and my chance came along.

I remember with vivid ease the day of 14th of April when I received a call from the administration offering me a placement. It was exciting and I could not wait to start.

Davis presenting on behalf of my group
Davis presenting on behalf of my group

On the first day at ACFODE, my colleagues and I were warmly welcomed by Ms. Regina Bafaki the Executive Director, who briefed us and moved us to different departments. Everyone then took rounds in introducing themselves to different staff and vice versa. Eventually, I was assigned to the Human Rights and Governance department and I worked with Ainomugisha Happy, Kyomuhendo Belinda and Yossa Daisy.

The latter offered me the necessary equipment to enable me execute my tasks properly for example a laptop and room (the resource center) during my training.  My team guided me a lot most especially Happy who showed me what to do and how to do it. Whenever she gave me assignments I did my best and this helped enhance my working abilities and skills.  Some of the tasks that I was given included reviewing publications and reports on Human Rights and Governance, a chore that helped me improve on my comprehension, retention and information relaying skills. My typing speed and accuracy was further improved from the different assignments that I always had to type out.

Additionally, I was able to interact with members of other departments through the amazing in-house trainings from both the Gender & Economic Policy Department (GEP) and the Public relations & Communications Department (P.R). From the GEP department, Ms. Rebecca Rukundo taught us about power relations using Support Action Start Awareness (SASA) session and how each power relation works to help an individual have self-esteem and motivation.

Different ACFODE publications
Different ACFODE publications

The P.R department took us through a Leadership for Change (LFC) session, which was facilitated by Ms. Sandra Nassali- the departmental Head. This session helped to revive my leadership potential and l look back to it with gratitude.

In this training we brainstormed on leadership and self-discovery within our groups and we were given questionnaires which guided us. The training which focused on discovering our abilities to become leaders was very insightful and interesting in that everyone asked to have more of it.

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All in all, I had a good experience at ACFODE and thanks to my team (fellow interns) and the Human Rights and Governance department for the good work exhibited. Special thanks go to Ms. Regina Bafaki, the Executive Director for granting me the opportunity to work with ACFODE.

Mugume Davis

Kyambogo University (Intern 2017)

Human Rights & Governance Department


My internship experience at ACFODE.

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