In an all men’s attendee meeting on Thursday 14th September, community monitors in Oyam District shared findings on the Health and Education situation in their communities. This is under a three year project with Diakonia Uganda Office dubbed “Strengthening Community Participation in Local Governance and Promotion of Women and Girls’ Rights.”  Beatrice Okello, a former LCIII chairperson from Abok Sub County shared findings from the education sector with sub county chiefs, Community Development Officers (CDOs) and LCIII chairpersons. Martin Olem one of our community monitors shared findings from the health sector.

As ACFODE, we believe that such sub country forums not only provide a huge platform for the community members to interface with their leaders but also give the latter a chance to respond to key emerging issues.  We believe this one of the ways leaders can use to provide social accountability to their communities on issues affecting them within their jurisdiction.

Beatrice Okello shares her findings
Beatrice Okello shares her findings

Among others issues presented were:  Drugs’ Delivery, Inadequate ART facilities such as furniture and work surfaces such as tables, cupboards and chairs, lack of a reliable source of water in Ariba HC II as well as insufficient funds for primary health care.

And in Education: Lack of changing rooms and sanitary pads in all the primary schools, School feeding program is not being supported by parents, Inadequate infrastructure and continued teacher and pupil absenteeism and there are few female teachers in Abok P/S & Itubara P/S.

In attendance were sub county chiefs, CDOs, and LCI and LCIII chairpersons. It was exciting to witness a new energy filled meeting of only men, discussing and sharing on issues concerning their wives, daughters and mothers in a bid to create new paradigms for the well-being of their communities.

Among the outcomes of this engagement were; the assuring responses from sub county leaders like Mr. Owani Ceaser who commended ACFODE’s innovative strategies of engaging with rights’ holders. Some of the responses brought forth include: Provision of solar system in two health centers of Ariba and Acut Helath center II as well as engagement to be organized with District Health Officers (DHOs) on late delivery of drugs.

Happy Ainomugisha

Programs Assistant

Human Rights & Governance Department


When men get on board: Oyam men take boldstep in strengthening community participation in local governance and promotion of women & girls’ right.

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