IMG_0161-edited Catherine Aisu, 28 is our woman icon of this week. She joined tight security in 2005 immediately after her O’level. She worked as a guard for just one year before she was promoted to a supervisory role. As a supervisor, Aisu, must ride a motor bike to the different points of jurisdiction where the organization deploys guards every day.

“The first time I rode the bike, the men laughed at me. I felt small but also a strange urge to challenge them. So I rode on and only returned to the station after learning.” she says.

Aisu is however proud of her job which she says sustains her and the members of her family and challenges the society around her.

“People admire me. Sometimes they say I am not a lady. This makes me like my job,” says Aisu with a nod of satisfaction.

“When riding, you put yourself in God’s hands. The road is very risky but you have to take charge and focus,” she adds.

Aisu poses beside her bike just after her interview.
Aisu poses beside her motorbike just after her interview.

When asked about her challenges, Ms Aisu discloses that she is a mother of three, with one of her children just ten months old. As a mother, Aisu says she has limited time for her children.

“Even if I decided to stay at home, the children need school fees. So I must push on,” adds Aisu.

“My husband is also very proud of me. When he sees that I am tired, he helps me out. He can wash clothes or carry the baby as I rest.”


Sherinah Namata

Aisu’s story on breaking traditional gender roles

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