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It’s finally here. ACFODE has a new baby. Starting October 2017, Action for Development -ACFODE, in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung KAS- Uganda and with the kind support of UN Women Uganda rolled out a project on women’s leadership in Uganda. The project dubbed “Enhancing public awareness and support for women’s political participation and gender equality in five districts of Uganda” seeks to change community perceptions on women’s leadership as wellas build up support towards women’s political participation and gender equality in Uganda. Part of the project’s interventions is the massive use of media as a channel for advocacy.

The project enfolds a televised show on women’s leadership, which is backed by a social media campaign on Facebook, twitter and word press. This is in addition to other conventional project activities such as trainings and radio talk shows.

Nicholas Opio from Chapter Four Uganda on Money in Politics.Jackie Asiimwe Mwesige during the fasi fasi episode on Perceptions on Female leadership







Fasi Fas! is the first of its kind show that enlightens the viewership on key issues on women’s leadership in Uganda. The show provides a podium for creating awareness and helping Ugandans appreciate women in political spaces, administration, management and leadership as a whole. The question is, can women lead? Yes they can, however, how receptive is the community they are serving, plus, how amiable is there context of operation? These and more are the issues that Fasi Fasi probes into.

The show, produced by Mango Tree Educational Enterprises airs every Thursday, at 8:30 pm on NBS Television with replays every Sunday 12:30 pm and Monday at 11:00 am.

Fasi Fas! (Pronounced “Fas Fas”) is a Swahili phrase, meaning ‘make way’. If you have been to downtown, you have probably heard market vendors carrying heavy loads, trying to carve a path through a crowd call out: ‘Fasi Fasi’-to mean, ‘Give me space or make way!”

The series which premiered on 18th January, call for Ugandans to “make way” for women in positions of leadership whilst also encouraging women to set their own path and grasp more opportunities for themselves for effective leadership within the political spaces they occupy.

In the show, the main conversation symbolically takes place on a raised platform under a tree where the two hosts; David Ogutu and Becky Katagaya, lead a lively and informal debate amongst four panelists. Show guests include; women rights activists, seasoned politicians (both female and male), religious leaders, human rights activists as well as cultural, social and economic leaders.

Pic 2-the show hosts (L-R) David Ogutta and Becky Katagaya on set. The set of panelists and hosts discussing women's leadership.







(R-L)the two show hosts, David Ogutu and Becky Katagaya  with the set on that discussed sexual harassment in the political world.

So far, topical issues such as negative perceptions on women’s leadership, how commercialization of politics affects women’s participation, why political participation matters for everyone, sexual harassment, how political violence affects women’s participation and why Uganda’s women struggle to get into politics have been discussed.

Panelists for the first six episodes included; women rights activists, lawyers, journalists and educationalists. Those that have watched the show speak of it as not only informative but very empowering too.

“I love the show. I am in love with the set and everything about Fasi Fasi!” | Prim Rose Kibirige-UN Women Uganda.

“We really enjoy the show. Thanks.” | Marvin Musoke- Rukungiri District.

“I enjoyed every bit of minute of the show! “ Kahill Kuteesa |Content creator-Kahill Insights.

So, if you have not watched the show, ensure you don’t miss season two. Yes, make way for women to access influential positions in Uganda’s political, social and economic leadership.

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FASI FAS! Make Way for Women’s Leadership!

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