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EIRENE is a non-profit economic, international, peace and development service organization. Every year,Eirene calls out volunteers from different partner organizations to volunteer from Germany. The main objective of the volunteer program is to facilitate intercultural exchange, personal and professional growth of young people through personal interaction as well as interaction in a working environment.

ACFODE is partnering with Eirene in elimination of socio-cultural practices in Kisoro district in Uganda. I got to know more about Eirene from my volunteership work with ACFODE. As time went on, I learnt about their work and principles.

When I saw a volunteership opportunity advertised on the notice board at ACFODE office, I took interest in volunteering in Germany. Volunteering is one of my passions. I like giving my skills to those who need them so that I help them achieve something better in their life. I read what requirements were needed and they were simply describing me.

Before applying for the program, we were required to attend an information seminar where we got informed about this program. After that, I decided to apply for the opportunity. After a period of two weeks, I was called as one of the short-listed people for the opportunity. I was called for an interview. I spent the whole day at the interview going through the processes. Eirene had to make sure they had chosen the right people for the program. The interview was concluded well and I went back home. I resumed my work at ACFODE thereafter. Three weeks later, I was called by Eirene and notified that I had been selected for the program. I was so happy about the opportunity. I felt renewed and I knew for sure that this was such a blessing from God that I have never expected.

Having a charismatic, tolerant and friendly mentor: Ms. Sandra Nassali, who moulded me into a hardworking and strong being is one of the reasons for this achievement. I used to make a lot of mistakes but still she would tolerate all my nonsense and still show me the right way to go. Finally, I became the right hardworking creative man that I am today. This contributed a lot to my acceptance in the program.

The knowledge I have attained from my work with Action for Development-ACFODE combined with a passion for volunteerism, enabled me to go through as well. Above all, having a strong Godly background highly supported me to go through the drills for the program and I know that God is ahead of me in this.

Once in Germany, I hope to explore and learn from the Germany culture, get to know what’s done differently in Germany that I can also apply in Uganda plus being a positive change agent when I return back to Uganda. I also expect to be trained different activities I do not know as well as add on my experience and professionalism.

On the other hand, Germans should expect to get to know about the Ugandan culture from me, executing of tasks in time and also learning how to do different activities better or in a different way from.

I thank God, ACFODE, my supervisor Ms Sandra Nassali, Ms Vanessa Hugo for sharing the opportunity and my family for all that they have contributed in my life. I truly appreciate everything you have invested in me and I’ll never take your efforts for granted.


Sentumbwe Edward







Germany, the country I dreamed of visiting

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