Edward Ssentubwe


Volunteer in the Public Relations and Communications Department

For how long?

Two years

Chosen by:

Sandra Nassali


He is hardworking, patient, and tolerant and has shown resilience in his work here. Unlike other volunteers, Edward has always been open to learning and relearning and as a department, we are very proud of him. He joined ACFODE as an Intern but was retained because of having employability skills. This year he leaves the country for Germany on a volunteership program with Eirene International, and for me this is a sign that hard work never disappoints.

Favorite Food:

Rice and Beans

Turn Ons:





Favorite past time at ACFODE:

2016-16 Days of activism in Gulu. I had a lot of fun. I had never been into a large crowd of people from the north. I was very happy to meet people from the north, take part in their culture as well as mix up with them.

Edward outside ACFODE is:

A last born in a family of four; 2 girls, 2 boys.

Very adventurous.

His Guess; Who in ACFODE is?






What he says about his job:

I have grown up with mainly my mother and have still worked with women. This has been quite an experience for me that has not only groomed me in all angles of life but enabled me appreciate gender equality. I am now more than aware of the challenges women under go as well as their needs. I have loved my job all the way through and I can ascertain that I will even love it better in Germany.


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