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As part of our strategy to improve social action for women and girls’ rights, in quarter one, 2018, we had radio talk shows in our different districts of operation. These were on girl child education, reduction of violence against women and girls and on empowering couples to eradicate negative social cultural practices within their communities.

“I footed all the expenses of my daughter’s education up to Master’s level alone. I sometimes forget all the hard ships I went through paying for her school fees because I can proudly say that am living a happy and comfortable life now. She built for me a house, pays for me medical bills whenever I fall sick, pays for me domestic and casual workers and whatever I want and need she provides” narrate Ms. Ferestansi, a single mother from Kisoro District who heeded to ACFODE’s call on girl child education and educated her daughter.  She shared her story with listeners of Muhabura FM in Kisoro district.

We also rolled out with a show on women’s leadership and participation every Thursday on NBS television at 8:30 pm. The show is dubbed Fasi Fasi- ,a Swahili word usually used by traders to mean ‘Make Way.’  It calls upon the citizenry to make way for women’s leadership.

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