In quarter one 2018, ACFODE developed a chain of mutually beneficial relations through a cable of networks built during different meetings and workshops with her friends and partners. We share with you some of our key associations and engagements. We hope that through the established links, we can ascend for more support for women and girls rights.

ICGLR-Planning meeting

On January 31st 2018, ACFODE was privileged to be part of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region – ICGLR regional work planning meeting for CSOs dealing with women’s issues. The meeting was held at Akina Mama wa Afrika on 31st January, 2018. It aimed at drawing plans from different CSOs working on Women’s issues so as to inform the regional plan work.

In 2018,member organizations plans to; enhance citizen’s engagement in governance processes, harness GBV evidence based advocacy and also revoke a vibrant National ICGLR forum. These are hoped to be achieved through; constructive engagement of state and non-state actors, raising civic awareness through community sensitization and mobilization, advocacy, trainings and partnerships and lastly through holding quarterly CSO-ICGLR reflection meetings with a special bias on timely information and knowledge sharing.

Member organizations that contributed to this year’s work plan were; Akina Mama wa Afrika ,Action Aid Uganda, Isis-Women’s International Cross Cultural Exchange (Isis-WICCE), International Refugee Rights initiative, CARE international, Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment- ACODE and Action For Development-ACFODE.

MEMPROW – feminist conversation circles

This year, the mentoring empowerment program for women –MEMPROW, marked 10 years. Hosted at MEMPROW’s home in Muyenga, ACFODE was happy to be part of the activities that commemorated this landmark. Among these were a feminist circle where women rights activists and feminists were engaged in discussions to revamp the feminist movement in Uganda. Central in this was the need to understand the concepts of feminism, the underlying factors as well as the inter sectionalism around the struggle for women’s rights worldwide. MEMPROW later hosted her guests to an interactive dinner at Sheraton hotel in Kampala. We congratulate you MEMPROW

International Women’s Day Celebrations

IMG-20180405-WA0017 IMG-20180405-WA0015

Fig 1. Model couples in Kisoro District, march during the commemoration of the international women’s day 2018.

In commemoration of the international women’s day and month, ACFODE engaged with stakeholders and partners through get-togethers, round table discussions on women and girls’ rights, empowerment session for girls as well organizing activities in districts of operation. Some of these include: attending a women’s day luncheon with USAID-Uganda and the American embassy, an interface with the international women’s organization- IWO, Diplomatic Spouses Association- DISPAS- and the European Union in Uganda. We also took part in a press conference on women’s security in the country in addition to holding a meeting with the district community development officer of Kisoro district to organize a march on women and violence against women and girls. ACFODE used this platform to lobby for a podium for model couples in Kisoro to share their transformation journeys with the district during the organized event.

We were also privileged to celebrate women’s day with the Rotary club of Naalya where our Executive Director, Ms Regina Bafaki graced the event marking this years’ celebration as the chief guest. Ms Regina used this platform to share with Rotarians on women’s rights and gender equality.


Fig 2.Extreme Right-Ms Vanessa Doreen Hugo-Tumwesigye attending women’s day celebrations at the European Union Residence

Budget policy meeting with the Domestic Violence Act (DVA) coalition.

Part of our strategic engagements in this quarter were with the  Domestic Violence coalition, a consortium where ACFODE belongs with other nonpartisan and non-government organizations such as Center for Domestic Violence Prevention-CEDOVIP, Action Aid Uganda, Uganda Parliamentary Women’s Association-UWOPA, Plan Uganda, FIDA, UGANET and many more.

During this event, stakeholders were engaged on gender based violence budget policy analysis and discussed recommendations for the financial year 2018/2019. Some of the observations were:

  • Uganda has not been able to curb rampant abuse of women because of lack of adequate funding of interventions that address the problem, implement laws and support women in accessing justice.
  • The number of GBV cases continues to rise annually without an increase in budget allocation.
  • Only 3.5% of GBV cases are concluded annually.
  • Majority of cases are withdrawn, dismissed or closed due to lack of evidence.






Network Building

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