Through village based drama shows by locally resourced drama groups, ACFODE is promoting positive socio-cultural Practices in the rural communities of Kisoro.

The drama shows, conducted at district and sub county level, were facilitated by the Virunga Allied Drama Actors in collaboration with the child and family protection unit at Kisoro Central police station. The group acted different skits that were related to the identified negative socio cultural practices in Kisoro District such as alcoholism, relegating education for the girl child, domestic violence, early marriages and pregnancies, lack of property rights and family/child neglect. The drama shows were conducted on market days to target trading centers and market goers.


The shows took place in the four sub counties of ACFODE’s operation including; Nyarusiza, Nyakabande, Busanza and Kirundo Sub County. They were a way of sensitizing the communities on the negative socio cultural practices and promoting positive ones, such educating the girl child, sharing roles and responsibilities in a home, peaceful living in addition to granting women and girls access to property and property rights.

During the same activities, a female police officer shared her experience about the referral pathways for Violence against Women and Girls VAW/G.

CFPU officer talking to the market goers on issues of stigma and referral path ways.-001

CFPU officer talking to the market goers on issues of stigma and referral pathways

Among the participants were councilors, CODERASH, model couples, boda boda riders, traders, religious leaders, clan leaders, local leaders, men, women, youth and young ones.

Some of the lessons learnt were that ‘mothers are the pillars of peace in homes for they work hard and persevere through many problems, ‘another participant said that ‘alcoholism is dangerous and people should reduce or quit it forever because it causes a lot of chaos and destroys families.’ Participants also observed that men, women and children should work hand in hand to eradicate poverty in families.

The participants appreciated ACFODE for the good work and requested that the shows be extended at parish level and /or village level because the messages given were deeply touching and were well understood by everyone. Community members added that the shows depicted practices that are happening in the communities. The drama shows were attended by over 1,700 people both at the district and sub county levels. In addition, participants were able to participate through asking questions, sharing lessons learnt, giving supplements and recommendations for future reference.

Jackline Nyirasenga

Counsellor, Kisoro Field Office


Using drama groups to promote positive socio cultural practices in Kisoro district

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