95% of the people in Kisoro district depend on agriculture as their source of livelihoods. Most of Bafumbira have for several years grown Irish potatoes with the use of artificial fertilizers such as NPK among others; which have brought several negative effects to their soils such as tampering with the soli structure and texture of their soils, exposure to soil erosion among others.

As part of our interventions for the project “Promoting positive socio cultural practices in rural communities in Kisoro”, we thought it wise to not only deal with household attitudes between men and women but also create transformation in their lives through empowering them with skills in agriculture, particularly in making compost, in order to boost their yields as well as soil structure and texture. Among others, this would reduce on the cost that would otherwise have been spent on buying artificial fertilizers such as NPK with its negative long term effects to the soil.

Consequently, from 25th May to 2nd June 2018, ACFODE in collaboration with diocese of Muhabura Community Owned Microfinance, organized a one day training for each Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) model couple groups from the sub counties of Busanza, Kirundo, and Nyarusiza in Kisoro district. The groups were trained in compost manure making. The activity attracted 28 couples from the six parishes of three sub counties of Busanza, Nyarusiza and Kirundo. The training were also carried out in form of follow up visits.

During the visit, the couples were introduced to compositing, phases of compositing the requirements for making compost, materials needed as well as tools needed. They were also taught on how to build a compost pile, how to turn the pile, the different types of compost, and the benefits of compost and how to apply it.

Members from Gitenderi parish making composit

Members from Gitenderi parish making compost

During the same visits, the couples were able to exchange and share their different experiences on how they were fairing on with the saving groups. Out of the 6 visited saving groups, 3 of them had registered their VSLAs at the sub county level and the others also promised to register before the end August 2018.

The couples promised to apply the knowledge and skills acquired by saving the money that they had previously used to buy the artificial fertilizers from the shops and instead resort to compost manure. The further appreciated ACFODE for the continued knowledge.

Allan Mugabe


Field Officer-Kisoro District

Improving the livelihoods of model couples in Kisoro district through compost manure making

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