Action for Development (ACFODE) is an indigenous, voluntary, non-governmental women’s organization whose formation was stimulated by the United Nations Third World Conference on Women held in Nairobi in July 1985.

After being denied the right of entry to the conference due to the overriding political control that was in Uganda at the time, the idea of creating a women’s organization that would not be controlled by the state or political party was conceived by a few women academicians led by Dr Hilda Tadria. Others included Dr. Joy Kwesiga and Dr. Ruth Mukama. The three needed to incorporate the ideas that had been discussed during the conference with in ACFODE’s mandate and so they approached Dr. Maxine Ankrah who had attended. She accepted to join them and this led to the birth of ACFODE.

Since inception 25 years ago, ACFODE has been an effective platform of debate and action on issues related to the women’s empowerment in Uganda. This has been done through consolidated advocacy for policy formulation, research, capacity building, coalition building, mobilization and sensitization as her core strategies geared towards enhancing the capacity of Ugandans to champion the women’s cause and gender equality on the national agenda.

Vision: A just society where gender equality is a reality

Mission: To empower women and influence legislation and policy for gender equality in Uganda

Core purpose: Advocacy for gender equality and equity

ACFODE’s values are: Integrity, Commitment, Learning, Volunteerism, Respect, Teamwork


To increase women’s effective involvement in politics and decision-making through building the leadership capacity of potential female leaders at all levels
To promote good governance and democracy at national, district and local council levels through democracy monitoring and civic education
To defend and protect women’s rights through elimination of gender based violence and any form of discrimination against women
To promote formulation and implementation of gender responsive political, economic and social policies as well as programs
To build and strengthen the capacity of ACFODE and other like-minded civil society organizations for effective implementation of programs intended to benefit the vulnerable women


  • Sexual And Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and discrimination
  • Women’s rights and opportunities
  • Good governance and democracy
  • Women’s economic, social and political empowerment
  • Institutional development


  • Advocacy for legislation and policy formulation, and implementation for gender equality in Uganda
  • Prevention of sexualized and gender based violence against women and girls
  • Advocacy for women’s effective participation in politics and decision making
  • Advocacy for good governance and gender accountability at local and national levels
  • Institutional strengthening of ACFODE and other like-minded organizations

ACFODE Brochure: Download