1.Saida Ecii

School dropout prevention: Teacher inspires pupil to complete primary education

We arrived at Boke Primary School while the P7 candidates were just about to complete their final Primary Leaving Examinations ...
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2.Acao Sarah and her mother

Survival story of life as a child bride

In Amuuonyocao village, we caught up with Sarah Acao. We bumped into her while she was washing utensils in the ...
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3.Kayoi Denis and his wife

How we support discordant couples to live happily together

‘I tested HIV-positive in 1990 while I was still serving as a soldier in Arua district. It took a while ...
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4.Aluzu Erupadisa

A life changed, a second chance to live

‘My battle to be alive today has not been easy, but the kindness and generosity of one of the role ...
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5.Oguta Cyrus

After the property wrangles that almost ruined his family came bliss

At Teibu village, we were welcomed by Cyrus Oguta and his elder brother. His home is about one kilometre from ...
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Girls in secondary school empowered to participate in leadership positions

In 2014, ACFODE identified four secondary schools in Apacdistrict, and inducted their teachers and students on negative socio-cultural practices. After ...
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Clan leaders support women’s access to, ownership and control of customary land

‘My name is Willy Cong; I am 56 years old, a clan leader in Apac town. In 2014, I was ...
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Educating the masses through radio talk shows

‘I lost my husband in August 2011. After his death, my in-laws chased me and my five children out of ...
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I am an inspiration to the girl-child in my community

As a senior woman teacher at Angai Primary School and a stakeholder in the ACFODE project, I am a witness ...
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7.Jamila Eton

I broke the bias against female clan leaders

‘My husband was arrested in January 1977; during his arrest I had a two-month-old baby. I asked my relatives to ...
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8.Apio Dorcus

ACFODE helped me to reclaim what belonged to me

DorcusApio, 65 years old, is a widow with 12 children. She lost her husband in 2011. After the death of ...
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Amale role model at the forefront of girl-child education

Akodo, a teacher at Ilee Primary School and a male role model trained by ACFODE, proudly narrates how he has ...
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How joint financial planning has improved the standard of living in my family

‘My name is John Awita from Alela village in Akuru, Lango parish, Kangai sub-county, in Dokolo district. I am married ...
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A dream come true: The first time I tasted chicken

In the Lango tradition, women and girls were not allowed to eat certain types of food such as eggs, milk, ...
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A drama show that saved my marriage from domestic violence

Lillian Ogwang is 42 years old and is married to Jacob Ogwang. They have seven children. Lillian’s marriage has, however, ...
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Transformed by the catechist’s preaching

Dilish Ogwal has been married to Denish Ogwal for five years now. Denish paid two cows and three goats as ...
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Idep Women’s Group stands out for promoting positive cultural practices

In 2013, one of the male role models, Moses Odongo, conducted a sensitisation meeting in Idep Catholic church. During the ...
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Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

Investing in gender equality and women empowerment can unlock human potential on a transformational scale.Women account for one half of ...
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new 2

ACFODE Equips Women Leaders with Leadership Skills

Regina Nakalyango is a newly elected district Councilor in Rakai District. She represents the sub counties of Lwankoni and Kabira ...
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The Women Leaders Training by ACFODE Helped me Attain Leadership Skills

Hon. Akullu Mary is the newly elected LCV female councilor for Aduku Town Council. She shared her experience on how ...
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When Your only Crime is Being Born Female

I and two colleagues spent 11 days (15th -26th May 2016) in Amudat District, the land of the Pokot on ...
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