Action for strengthening institutions and communities in promoting women’ rights

With support of European Union, Action for Development (ACFODE) in partnership with British Council is implementing the project titled “Action for Strengthening Institutions and Communities in Promoting Women’s Rights.” The project seeks to increase the respect and recognition of women’s rights by working with women and various stakeholders to create awareness, empower women and create opportunities for their economic, social and political development.

The project will be implemented over a period of two (2) years – January 2014 – December 2015.

The project is being implemented in Northern Uganda and West Nile Regions (Apac, Pader, Nebbi and Oyam)

The project seeks to “contribute to strengthening the participation of women in the social, economic and political life in support of a society where women and men are valued equally and have equal access to opportunities, resources and government development programs.”


  • The specific objectives of the project are;
  • To enhance awareness of, demand for and protection of women’s rights.
  • To enhance women’s capacity to actively engage in decision makining
  • To enable increased access to livelihood opportunities for women.
  • To strengthen the capacity of Civil Society Organizations to promote and protect women’s rights.

The project goal and objectives will be realized through the following activities;

  • Scoping study to identify participants and specific training needs and issues/ content for the training
  • Identification of the training team
  • Development of training and other Information, Education and Communication(IEC) materials
  • Pretesting the training material
  • Conduct trainings in women’s rights for 140 elected women councilors, 140 social actors, 40 CSOs in the target districts-using the CEDAW Manual
  • Mentor women councilors for leadership development
  • Conduct trainings in Social Enterprise for 140 elected women councilors, 40 leaders of women groups in the target districts.
  • Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA)
  • Organization Development (OD) Support including development of Policies on Equal Opportunity and Child Protection
  • Gender and Human Rights Accountability forums to discuss key women’s rights issues with duty bearers, social actors and CSOs
  • Follow-up/monitor implementation of action plans/commitments
  • Formation and follow-up support to the CEDAW Committees
  • Contribute to the compilation to the CSO CEDAW Shadow report and making Policy presentation of the same at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) International Meeting in 2015
  • CSO trainings for 1,600 members of rural women groups in women’s rights


  • 140 elected women councilors, 140 social actors and 40 CSOs have gained an understanding of women’s human rights and the need to protect and promote them, using the CEDAW manual.
  • 140 Trained Social Actors and 140 Women Councilors apply CEDAW as a Tool for Promoting and Protecting Women’s Rights
  • Capacity of 140 women councilors in engaging with gender and human rights processes increased
  • 40 women’s groups engaged in social enterprises within their communities
  • Improved programming capacity of ACFODE staff
  • 40 CSOs capacity to help women gain capacity in issues related to women’s rights built


  • District leaders
  • Women councilors
  • Social actors (religious leaders, cultural leaders, school teachers, police officers)
  • women groups
  • Civil Society Organizations

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