ACFODE Holds a Review Meeting at Sub-County and District Level

Engaging with Social Actors and Couples who are seen as Model Couples in their communities has proved to be effective ...
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A cross section of participants.

ACFODE Mentors Political Leaders to Advance Women’s Rights

Engaging men as actors in advancing women’s rights is an approach that ACFODE has embraced over the years. In a ...
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Social actors from Karamoja region ready to champion issues on women land rights

ACFODE Orients Social Actors on Legal/Policy Frame Works on Women Land Rights

Social actors such as cultural, religious, opinion leaders are highly influential in the communities they serve. They make decisions, settle ...
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A participant from Apac District reacts to the discussion during the training.

ACFODE Capacitates Female Aspirants for the Local Council I & II Chairperson-ship Positions

Citizens of Uganda and of voting age will in 2017 go to the polls to elect local council I and ...
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Changing my Attitude has Led to a Happy Family Life

My name is Bizere Alice a CODERASH committee (combating defilement, rape and sexual harassment) member and model couple in ACFODE’s ...
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ACFODE Marks The 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence

This year marks the 25th year of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign, initiated in 1991. Given ...
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ACFODE Forms Cedaw Committees and Social Enterprise Groups.

ACFODE under the project  “Action for Strengthening Institutions and Communities in Promoting Women’s Rights”  with support from BC/EU, Acfode formed ...
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ACFODE Engages with Former Female Aspirants on their Relevancy after Elections.

The Constitution of Uganda sets the policy and legal framework for gender equality and women’s empowerment. It recognizes gender equality ...
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ACFODE Orients Male Gender Champions on Gender and Legal Frame Works That Promote and Protect Women and Girls Rights.

Social actors such as cultural, religious, opinion leaders are highly influential in the communities they serve. They make decisions, settle ...
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Roles and Responsibilities of Duty Bearers Amplified by ACFODE

Governments and states are the primary duty bearers. The government of Uganda has ratified a number of human rights instruments ...
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Boys as Champions for Gender Equality.

Attitudes and practices, both positive and negative are shaped as children grow up. It is for this reason that ACFODE ...
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Acfode mentors women caucuses on gender legislation and policy influence

In May 2016, Action for Development, under the Women’s Democracy Group that comprises five civil society organizations in Uganda including ...
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Cap 1

Citizen’s Participation in Local Governance and Women Rights Promotion; an engine for holistic Development

Uganda as a country has made significant strides in putting in place systems, structures and policies that enable citizens get ...
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Juliet Achola still reaping the benefits from ACFODE Group Savings and Social Enterprise.

The British Council and EU funded project titled, “Action for strengthening institutions and communities in promoting women’s rights”, has continued ...
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Final 4

Women Activists Call for Increased Political Representation

Despite affirmative action; women’s participation in politics remains low; with only 19 women making it to parliament on the direct ...
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How can we harness ICTs for the empowerment of women in Uganda?

In the last two decades, a number of events have greatly changed the way people all over the world work ...
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When Your only Crime is Being Born Female

I and two colleagues spent 11 days (15th -26th May 2016) in Amudat District, the land of the Pokot on ...
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ACFODE Holds a Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Model training

A participants demonstrating how the PME model works PME module is an innovative Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Framework adopted from ...
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ACFODE Holds a Mentorship Session

A group photo of participants demonstrating team work building  during the session Mentoring Session is a mentorship interactive talk organized ...
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The Women Leaders Training by ACFODE Helped me Attain Leadership Skills

Hon. Akullu Mary LCV Councilor sharing her experience during the leadership training in Apac District Hon. Akullu Mary is the newly ...
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The Women Leaders Training by ACFODE Helped me Attain Leadership Skills

Hon. Akullu Mary is the newly elected LCV female councilor for Aduku Town Council. She shared her experience on how ...
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ACFODE Commissions Couples as Agents of Change in Busanza Sub County

Following the launch of a new project in Kisoro district “Promotion of positive Socio-cultural practices in the rural communities of ...
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new 2

ACFODE Equips Women Leaders with Leadership Skills

Regina Nakalyango is a newly elected district Councilor in Rakai District. She represents the sub counties of Lwankoni and Kabira ...
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Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

Investing in gender equality and women empowerment can unlock human potential on a transformational scale.Women account for one half of ...
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ACFODE Launches New Project on Promoting Positive Socio-Cultural Practices in Kisoro

On Friday 11th March 2016, a new project was launched by ACFODE in partnership with EIRENE and with funding from ...
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CEDAW Committees Receive Bicycles

British Council in partnership with Action for Development (ACFODE) implemented a 2 year project co-funded by the European Union. The ...
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Assessment and Validation of Socio-Cultural Practices in Kisoro District

A third phase of the EIRENE-ACFODE project kick started with an assessment of the positive and harmful socio-cultural practices in ...
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ACFODE Tips Village Savings and Loans Association Groups in Apac and Dokolo

As a mechanism of facilitating and sustaining economic growth and efficiency, ACFODE conducted two days training for 12 Village Savings ...
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Policy dialogue

ACFODE Holds a Policy Dialogue on Domestic Violence Act 2010

As part of her advocacy initiatives to eradicate Domestic Violence (DV), ACFODE held a Policy Dialogue with stakeholders at national ...
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Civil Society and Private Sector in the Fight for Better Service Delivery

In Oyam and Kiboga, like most districts in Uganda, local citizens continue to struggle to access quality health care and ...
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women leaders

ACFODE Holds Women’s Leadership Conference in Commemoration of International Women’s Day

In recent times, a lot of progress has been made to promote women’s rights nonetheless they still do not have ...
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ACFODE Holds a Human Resource Clinic

The Human Resource clinic is a mentorship interactive talk organized by Action For Development (ACFODE) where members of the  public ...
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ACFODE Launches New Project on Ending Domestic Violence in Apac District

Apac, a district in Lango Sub-Region in Northern Uganda was directly and indirectly affected by the twenty years (1986-2006) of ...
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Inspiring Community Activism in Monitoring Service Delivery in Oyam District

ACFODE engaged 93 district and sub county stakeholders in a district accountability day on 27th August 2015 in Oyam district ...
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ACFODE Conducts Grass root Citizens’ Conversations on Women’s Participation in Politics

As Uganda prepares for the 2016 General elections, ACFODE in partnership with KAS conducted grass root citizens’ conversation sessions in ...
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ACFODE Holds National Level Breakfast Meeting on Health and Education

In the past year, ACFODE in partnership with the Governance, Accountability, Participation, and Performance (GAPP) Programme has been implementing a ...
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Applying the VSLA Model for Economic and Social Empowerment of Women in Lango Sub-Region

As a self-sustainable and self-replicating mechanism, ACFODE has identified the Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) model as a vehicle ...
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Women in Pallisa Call for Greater Involvement in Political Parties

In a bid to take the discussion on democracy, gender and good governance to lower local levels, ACFODE in conducted ...
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ACFODE Launches the Women’s Manifesto (2016 – 2021) at Regional Level

Following the National Launch of women’s manifesto on 9th July, ACFODE under Women’s Democracy Group (WDG) launched the Women’s Manifesto ...
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ACFODE Replicates Elements of Effective Education Practices in Mentoring Primary Pupils and Teachers

One-on-one instruction, or mentoring, is one of the oldest forms of teaching. Our parents, guardians and close relatives such as ...
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ACFODE Raises Community Awareness about VHFs such as Ebola/Marburg to Help Save Lives

Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (VHFs) such as Ebola and Marburg are some of the world’s deadliest diseases, with a fatality rate ...
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Secondary School Students Empowered to Integrate GBV Prevention and Response Initiatives in their Programmes

Gender based violence (GBV) in and around schools has been recognized in recent years as a serious global phenomenon. We ...
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ACFODE Staff & Members Receive Training on Social Enterprise

As a part of her strategy to become financially stable, ACFODE plans on adopting a social enterprise model. Thus, in order ...
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Strengthening Community Activism Against Sexual & Gender Based Violence

While handing over the mantle of activism against sexual and gender based violence to the leadership of Kisoro District, ACFODE ...
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Building Synergies in the Prevention of Gender Based Violence In Apac District

Felix Arum lives in Apac district, Northern Uganda. He is the coordinator of a local community based organization in his ...
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Communications and Basic Public Relation Skills as Key Success Tools in an Organization

‘We cannot say enough about this!’ These are the words that seem to escape from the twitching lips of excited ...
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Challenging Gender Based Violence In Lango Sub-Region.

In the Lango Sub region, cases of Domestic Violence are very rampant. These are at most times handled by Cultural ...
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Cross-Border Learning: a Practical Response to Sexual and Gender based Violence.

As ACFODE marks 30 years of promoting Women’s Rights and Gender equality, she has embraced a new and more dynamic ...
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Aspiring Women Leaders Advised To Use Campaign Race Obstacles as a Springboard to the Top

In preparation for 2016 elections, Action for development together with British Council and with support from European Union, conducted leadership ...
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ACFODE Launches New Project on Epidemic Preparedness & Response in Kisoro and Ntoroko Districts

In Uganda, there have been epidemic outbreaks such as Cholera in the Eastern parts of the country in 2003, Marburg ...
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VHTs & Health Workers Sensitized on Epidemic Preparedness and Response

Epidemic Preparedness and Response (EPR) is important because it ensures that communities and other key stakeholders in the health sector ...
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post-22 copy

Women in Kiboga ready for 2016

“Women in Kiboga have long been sidelined, we hope to put an end to that come 2016…” these remarks were ...
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ACFODE Raises 40 Million UG X to Improve Maternal Health Care in Kisoro

Sunday 29th March 2015 saw over 600 young and old people participate in an Action for Development 5km and 10km ...
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Celebrating Collaborations that Address Sexual Violence against Women and Girls

International Women’s Day is traditionally celebrated on 8th March; however on 26th February 2015, Kisoro residents celebrated women’s day under ...
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Oyam District Civil Society Set to Monitor Service Delivery

As part of its efforts to increase appreciation for good governance and accountability in Uganda, ACFODE in partnership with USAID-Uganda ...
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Social Enterprises: A Viable Option to Women’s Financial Challenges and Economic Empowerment

Turning community problem gaps and needs into opportunities for income generation is slowly gaining tempo in the Ugandan economy especially ...
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post-37 copy

Discrimination against Women in Public Sectors Persists in Apac and Pader Districts

ACFODE in partnership with the British Council and with support from the European Union conducted refresher trainings in Apac and ...
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Clan Leaders Spear Head Women’s Rights Awareness Creation in Nebbi and Oyam

Reports from Nebbi and Oyam districts indicate that clan leaders are spear heading awareness creation on women’s rights in Nebbi ...
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Women Share Ideas to be included in the National Women’s Manifesto

“I don’t see any problem with people being equal! Women are more Accountable than men!” These remarks were made by ...
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ACFODE Holds National Convention for Women in Politics

The run up to the 2016 General Elections presents a unique opportunity for women in Uganda to reflect and position ...
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ACFODE Commemorates 16 Days of Activism Campaign against Gender Based Violence

As Uganda commemorated the 16 days of activism against gender based violence under the theme: “Act Now: stop teenage pregnancy, ...
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ACFODE Awarded For Excellent Efforts in Gender Based Violence Prevention and Response

On 10th December 2014, ACFODE received an Appreciation Award at the Annual Gender Based Violence Fundraising Dinner organized by ActionAid ...
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Measuring Project Outcomes: Promoting Good Governance and Gender Accountability Project Comes to an End

For the last three years, ACFODE in partnership with Diakonia Uganda has been implementing a project titled; Promoting Good Governance ...
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Building and Amplifying Women’s Voices in Political and Economic Development Project Draws to a Close

ACFODE has since 2012-2014 been implementing a three year project entitled “Building and Amplifying Women’s Voices in Political and Economic ...
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ACFODE Launches New Project in Oyam and Kiboga Districts

With funding from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Governance, Accountability, Participation, and Performance Programme (GAPP), Action for Development ...
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