Strengthening Institutions (Formal and Informal) to Promote Gender Responsive Social Cultures in Apac and Dokolo Districts (PROGERESOC)


Under Strategic Objective 3 of ACFODE’s new strategic direction (2012/13-2016/17), to contribute to the reduction of socio-cultural practices that cause gender inequalities, ACFODE is currently implementing a project entitled “Strengthening Institutions (formal & informal) to promote gender responsive social cultures in Apac and Dokolo Districts with support from We Effect.


Three years (January 2014 – December 2016)

The project is being implemented in Apac and Dokolo districts.  Apac; Akokoro, Apac, Ibuje and Chegere sub counties. Dokolo; Bata and Kangai sub counties.


The project aims to “Strengthen the capacity of institutions to establish and implement gender responsive socio cultural practices.”


  • Increased number of Males promoting gender responsive socio-cultural practices
  • A critical mass of boys reached with information and models of gender responsive socio cultural practices
  • Increased number of societal institutions establishing mechanisms and championing gender responsive socio cultural practices


The following activities will be implemented over the three years of the project duration:

  • Identification and orientation of male and model couples among social cultural leaders in Apac and Dokolo districts
  • Conduct dialogues with leaders and representatives of social cultural institutions.
  • Develop and translate Behavioral Change Materials into local Languages.
  • Hold community Radio talk shows
  • Identify and Orient 90 Male role models in the 2 new sub counties.
  • Sensitization and awareness raising on positive social cultural practices among selected primary and secondary schools in the two districts
  • Annual Production of the Project Newsletters Capturing Stories of Change from the Different Cultural Leaders in the 2 districts.
  • Mentoring Camps for Pupil Leaders on Positive Social-Cultural Practices at the Regional Level in the Lango Sub Region.
  • Launch of Zero Tolerance Campaign against Negative Social Cultural Practices during 16 days of Activism at National Level.
  • Facilitate Community Drama Shows on Positive Social Cultural Practices in the 2 districts.
  • Facilitate Annual Secondary School Essay Competitions on Social Cultural Practices in the the 2 districts.
  • Conduct Parent and Teacher Forums in Secondary Schools
  • Organize a National Cultural Gala Promoting Positive Social Cultural Practices for the Different Cultures.


  • Men and Women
  • Faith based organizations
  • Cultural institutions
  • Schools
  • Law enforcement agents (Formal institutions)

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